What month is the hottest in Texas?

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August is the hottest month for Texas with an average high temperature of 94.5, which ranks it as one of the hottest states. In Texas, there are 4 comfortable months with high temperatures in the range of 70-85. The most pleasant months of the year for Texas are April, October and May.

July, usually, but it depends on how the weather is that year. Sometimes June can be the hottest month, or August.

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The hottest days ever recorded in DFW history were on June 26 and 27, 1980, when temps reached 113 degrees. north texas won’t see much of a relief as temps aren’t expected to drop until next week. Tags:

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Among the many more famous things Texas is known for, its approximately 600 miles of Gulf coast beaches are often overlooked. Naturally, the further south a locale, the warmer it will be in winter.

Historic Average Temperatures in Dallas, Texas (by Month) On average, the warmest month is July. The highest recorded temperature was 113F in 1980. On average, the coolest month is January. The lowest recorded temperature was -8F in 1899. The most precipitation on average occurs in May.

The hot season lasts for 3.5 months, from June 3 to September 19, with an average daily high temperature above 90°F. The hottest day of the year is August 6, with an average high of 97°F and low of 75°F. The cool season lasts for 2.9 months, from November 26 to February 22, with an average daily high temperature below 68°F.

Question by Ofer: It is well known that August is the hottest month of the year in the northern hemisphere. But why is that? Intuitively I would think that June should be the hottest month since this is when the Sun is at its highest point in the sky and the level of solar radiation per unit area is maximal.